Peter Fisher's Dark Matter [at] MIT Page

Dark Matter Box

Prototype Version from Septmeber 2014
First Production Version from October 2014
Calculations of mass content on Dark Matter Box
Produced at The Custom Boxes
New version coming soon! Drop us a line to request one.


Welcome to the Dark Side" from Science Magazine
Biography on Fritz Zwicky

Dark Matter Talks

Alumni Breakfast talk Oct. 18, 2014


DMTPC - Fisher
AMS - Becker, Ting, Zuccon
CDMS - Figuroa-Feliciano
MiniCLEAN - Formaggio


Paul Schechter
Tracy Slatyer
Jesse Thaler
Peter Fisher
Joe Formaggio
Tali Figuroa-Feliciano

Other cool papers from MIT Physics

"Reconstructing the Cosmic Evolution of the Chemical Elements" by Anna Frebel